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Smart Hearing Instruments vs Hearing Aids

Most people are familiar with the idea that “hearing aids or hearing devices” help people hear better. There are many electronic hearing aids today from cheap “Personal Amplifying Devices” that may cost $ 300 or less that are often analog technology (just make things louder) to digital hearing aids (provide amplification, some background noise reduction […]

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Choose A Hearing Device

Purchasing a hearing device can be overwhelming. With so many offers and providers in the marketplace, it’s tough to know what to do. We believe that the only useful hearing device is the one that works for you. 1. Find the right hearing device provider Find the right provider and begin with a diagnostic hearing evaluation, […]

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High Cholesterol Affects Hearing

You may ask yourself if high cholesterol affects hearing and the answer is YES! Drs. Rosen and Pekka, ENT, reported (1965) that high fat diets reduce hearing levels and that the combination of what we eat and our exposure to everyday noise and environmental toxins reduce our hearing. In another study, residents in an institutional […]

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