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Hearing Loss Treatment

Hearing Loss Treatment

If you have hearing loss, you might feel like you’re suffering in silence – but you are not alone. Approximately, 15% of the total U.S population of all ages report some trouble hearing. The incidence of hearing loss has more than doubled in the last 45 years due to high noise exposure and poor nutritional/lifestyle choices. At age 65, 35% have hearing loss while at age 85 half of the population has significant hearing loss. Most importantly, research from John’s Hopkins Medical Center reported that untreated hearing loss may contribute to the development of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, the inability to hear the people you love contributes to depression and loss of social contacts. So hearing loss is not a benign condition as it can affect you in so many ways. This is why Medicare recommends that every senior have a hearing test within 6 months of enrolling with Medicare. Hearing loss affects all ages and is the most common birth defect for newborns affecting 3 out of every 1000 new babies. This creates significant problems for children as they grow causing language and learning delays. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, almost 50% of high school students show signs of hearing loss when talking with their friends.

At LOVE TO HEAR AGAIN - MAUI, we understand the challenges and frustrations of hearing loss. We work with you to prevent hearing loss, identify and treat it early so you can enjoy a fuller, richer life.  We believe in the TEAM APPROACH, working with you and your physician physician to solve your hearing, balance, and tinnitus problems.

Take back Control of your Hearing

Imagine being able to hear at your best and feeling more confident in any situation. Through treatment and technology, Dr. Navarro empowers you to take back control of your hearing to make the most of each day. At LOVE TO HEAR AGAIN - MAUI, we know that hearing loss in adults is often a symptom of a problem somewhere else in the body. For example, a high fat diet and high cholesterol can damage your hearing. Over 35% of Type II diabetics develop hearing loss due to metabolic changes in the ear. And high blood pressure may contribute to permanent loss of hearing from a stroke in the ear. This is why we work with your physician to prevent hearing loss and restore your hearing.

Hearing Tests

Most hearing centers use a tonal hearing test. At LOVE TO HEAR AGAIN - MAUI, we know that simple tonal tests are just the beginning. They only tell which tones you have trouble hearing and who wants to hear tones every day? Our comprehensive evaluation includes measures of how well you understand conversation in different environments, how well different parts of your ear work, and how the sensory hair cells and nerve of hearing respond to sound. This important information helps us work with you to plan a course of treatment.

Hearing loss can cause problems for your entire family so we strongly encourage you to bring a family member or close friend to your consultation. People who have hearing loss only hear what they hear. Often they don’t know what they missed and may say “I hear just fine if only other people would stop mumbling!

Adult Hearing

We love to help people at all ages hear their BEST! Hearing loss can start at any age and many adults suffer with hearing loss that reduces their ability to join the conversation with family and friends. The number of people affected by hearing loss grows with age and as many as 50% of people at age 85 are hard-of-hearing. Adult onset hearing loss usually starts so slowly that most people do not realize how much they are missing. They may report “other people mumble” or “I don’t enjoy meeting with family or friends anymore.” A common complaint is that they “can’t understand the words if there is any background noise.”

Untreated hearing loss in adults has been implicated in depression, reduced social interaction, withdrawal from enjoyable activities, as well as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. At LOVE TO HEAR AGAIN - MAUI , we evaluate your hearing and help to determine the cause of the hearing problem. In most cases, early identification can PREVENT bigger and more expensive problems later.

Earwax Care

If there is an underlying problem such as earwax build up, not only will Dr. Navarro remove the wax but will show you ways to avoid the problem in the future.


Ear noises called “tinnitus” are usually a symptom of a problem in the ear and maybe the ear’s way of expressing pain. While other hearing centers are ready to sell you a hearing aid for this problem, we try to determine the cause of the ear noises. If we can get rid of the cause, the noise may go away. Too much earwax, nutritional deficiencies, high cholesterol, stress, medications, exposure to noise, or tumors on the nerve can all cause tinnitus. There are over 500 different causes of tinnitus so it takes an expert to help find that cause. In some cases, various therapies with or without a device may make the ear noises tolerable or disappear. If tinnitus is contributing to your hearing loss, Dr. Navarro will  develop the appropriate treatment to address these issues and restore hearing.  Read more of what Dr. Navarro says about tinnitus.

Hearing Device Consultation

For many people, hearing devices do a wonderful job of helping to reduce the problems caused by hearing loss. Devices are so small and comfortable that many patients forget they are wearing them and no one else may even see them. Smart Hearing devices will let you stream music, movies, and phone conversations directly from your cell phone and you can adjust your hearing devices discreetly from your phone. Sometimes, hearing devices are not the answer and Dr. Navarro will work with you to try to SOLVE the hearing problem.  For a list of the manufacturers we support, click here.


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