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High Cholesterol Affects Hearing

You may ask yourself if high cholesterol affects hearing and the answer is YES! Drs. Rosen and Pekka, ENT, reported (1965) that high fat diets reduce hearing levels and that the combination of what we eat and our exposure to everyday noise and environmental toxins reduce our hearing.cholesterol hearing

In another study, residents in an institutional home were split into two groups. One group got a high fat diet for a year and the other group got a healthy diet. Hearing was tested in each group at the beginning and end of the year. The group with the high fat diet developed hearing loss while the other group did not! The next year they switched the diets for each group and again the group with the high fat diet lost hearing!

In 2014, Spankovich and LePrell examined a number of factors including diet, age, smoking, and noise exposure. They concluded that the combination of a high fat diet and noise exposure increased the likelihood that a person would lose hearing more than either factor alone.

Why does this happen? The inner ear (cochlea) is about the size of a garden pea so the arteries are thinner than a hair! These tiny blood vessels can become clogged by cholesterol years before larger vessels are affected. Over 80 million Americans have high cholesterol and almost 60% of the US population is overweight.

A recent patient with high cholesterol started having ear noises (tinnitus) in his late 20’s. In his 40’s, he had a stroke in his ear and lost all of his hearing. It took 20 years of suffering with tinnitus before he totally lost his hearing. It may have been entirely preventable! While a cholesterol reading of 200 is the magic number many doctors use to decide when cholesterol treatment should be started, it is not known at this time if that number is a safe level for the ears.

What can you do? Many doctors recommend diet/exercise or statin medications to reduce cholesterol. Many people are not successful with the diet/exercise approach and many more do not want to take statin medications because of the potential side effects of liver damage and muscle discomfort. There is a safer alternative!

Plant stanols and sterols have been recommended by the National Institutes of Health Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC), Your Guide to Lowering Your Cholesterol with TLC as a safe, low cost way to
reduce cholesterol. Over 80 peer reviewed studies have concluded that plant stanols and sterols are safe and effective without the harmful side effects of statin medications. The Shaklee Corporation offers Cholesterol Reduction Complex with the recommended dosage of 2000 mg of natural plant stanols and sterols to safely reduce cholesterol.

My experience: A few years ago, my cholesterol was 244 and I began taking statins only to have muscle cramps within a few weeks. I stopped the statins and started taking Shaklee Cholesterol Reduction Complex (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening with meals). In 6 weeks my cholesterol dropped to 148! In January 2015, my cholesterol was 129 and I now take just one tablet a day. Cholesterol Reduction Complex worked for me! Check out this most interesting article.

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