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Meet Dr. Navarro

Dr. Richard Navarro

Our Approach

Hearing problems can impact the entire person and their family. Most hearing centers are ready to fit hearing aids. We take a Holistic Approach to resolving hearing problems and look at the broader picture than just what your ears are doing. While hearing devices may be appropriate, they may not be the entire answer.

We encourage the involvement of family and close friends who may be more aware of how hearing loss affects your life. We work with you, your family, and physician to solve the current problem and prevent future problems whenever possible.

Richard Navarro, Ph.D.
Board Certified Audiologist

Dr. Navarro earned his Doctorate in Hearing and Speech Sciences and Psychology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, a Master of Arts in Audiology and A Bachelor of Science, cum laude, Speech Pathology at Western Michigan University where he was a Waldo-Sangren Scholar.

He is Board Certified in Audiology and a Lifetime Member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. He served in elected office in Wisconsin, on the Governor’s Special Committee on the Deaf, the Select Legislative Committee on the Criminal Justice System and the Developmentally Disabled, and was a regional delegate to the White House Conference on the Disabled.

He has special training working with multiply-handicapped hearing-impaired people, tinnitus, hearing aids, and enjoys working with all ages. He served two missions to Central America working with deaf children through UNICEF and orphans through VIDA International.

Dr. Navarro was a journal reviewer for the International ENT and Audiology News and a Global Gold Ambassador for the Shaklee Corporation. Dr. Navarro served as an associate professor of audiology for over 17 years.

Dr. Navarro has two children and two grandchildren and lives in Kihei, Hawaii. He enjoys ballroom dancing, learning, sailing and serving humanity. He is a second-generation Filipino-American.