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Smart Hearing Instruments vs Hearing Aids

Most people are familiar with the idea that “hearing aids or hearing devices" help people hear better. There are many electronic hearing aids today from cheap “Personal Amplifying Devices” that may cost $ 300 or less that are often analog technology (just make things louder) to digital hearing aids (provide amplification, some background noise reduction and feedback control).

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Digital converts sound to numbers that can be manipulated by a computer!

Smart Hearing Instruments do more for you automatically than traditional or standard “digital” hearing aids. They do a better job of filtering out annoying background noise, helping you to hear soft speech from further away, and connecting to a host of Bluetooth devices such as TV, computers, your Smart Phones, and companion microphones that ALLOW YOU TO CONTROL YOUR ENVIRONMENT.


Smart Hearing Instruments allow you to control your environment.

At Love To Hear Again, Maui, we offer both digital and Smart Hearing Devices at the lowest prices possible and professional audiological care from an audiologist with over 50 years of personal and professional experience. We are professionally committed to help you hear your BEST at a price you can afford.

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