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"Love to Hear Again" does not quit, until they fit! I had a very difficult time getting use to wearing hearing aids. Never having worn them before, looking back, I was having a difficult time just getting used to the process. Once I apologized for coming so often. Their response was that they didn't just provide hearing aids, but service as well."

James Unrau

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"They carefully and patiently listened to me, adjusted my old hearing aids as best they could, then invited me to a demo of a new type of hearing aid. A hearing test was included in the demo. That's the type I ended up getting. Dr.Navarro suggested an insurance path I hadn't considered and he worked with the carrier to get me covered. Dr. Washburn fitted my new hearing aids, made lots and lots of adjustments, and showed me how to control them from my iPhone. She has been answering my frequent e-mails about the nuances of the hearing aids. These folks listen to you, suggest a plan and work with you on that plan. They develop what's best for you even though it may not be what you thought you wanted. I have been a client of several other hearing aid providers over the years and Love To Hear Again is head and shoulders above the others."

Al Aston

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"Dr. Navarro is an excellent Audiologist and he has helped my husband by testing his hearing that allowed him to get new hearing aids from VA, He also was great working with my 93 year old mother. He was able to adjust her aids to allow her to hear much better. Mom is very happy with the result and that makes me very happy. Dr. Navarro is a true professional and honestly one of the nicest men I have had the pleasure of meeting. I would highly recommend him to help you with your hearing needs."

Marsha Blevins

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"After experiencing hearing loss over the past couple of years, I finally made the decision it was time for hearing aids. After a lot of research about hearing aids and hearing professionals, I discovered Dr. Navarro. I was very impressed with his credentials and scheduled an appointment. After a very thorough examination and discussion about my hearing problems, he told me because of his own hearing loss he had a personal experience with a number of hearing aids. I have been wearing them now for 8 months and I can’t tell you how my life has changed. I can hear more clearly now and not feel left out of the conversation. Dr. Navarro is always available to answer my questions. If you have make the decision to change your life with better hearing, I would highly recommend Dr. Navarro."

Cheri Child